Occasional smoking is just as dangerous as constant tobacco use?

Occasional smoking is just as dangerous as constant tobacco use?

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How does occasional smoking affect health?
It's better to enjoy a cigarette now and then than to be completely abstinent, many casual smokers think. However, this approach is not recommended when it comes to smoking. Researchers have now found that occasional smokers have the same risks of high blood pressure or high cholesterol as regular smokers.

Ohio State University researchers found that occasional smokers are at the same risk of high blood pressure and high cholesterol as regular smokers. The doctors published the results of their study in the journal "American Journal of Health Promotion".

Smokers have an increased risk of cardiovascular diseases
Experts emphasize that people occasionally enjoying a cigarette in certain social situations, such as a weekend in a bar or at a party, endanger health as well as regular smokers. The current study examined the blood pressure and cholesterol levels of occasionally smoking people and compared them to regular smokers. In order to eliminate the risks of cardiovascular diseases, people should not start smoking at all or stop smoking altogether, the researchers advise. This must be a priority for healthcare providers and policy makers, the scientists add.

Medicines examined 40,000 subjects
A total of 40,000 subjects were examined over a period of four years for the study. The participants were divided into non-smokers, occasional smokers and regular smokers. People who did not smoke cigarettes every day were classified as so-called occasional smokers. Such people were mostly younger and male in the study. For example, people affected sometimes smoked in nightclubs or bars, the experts say. So-called social smoking has been associated with alcohol consumption in previous studies.

No difference between occasional smokers and daily smokers
The researchers also analyzed data from volunteers who had completed cardiovascular screening. After considering the demographic and physical differences between regular and occasional smokers, the scientists found that there was practically no difference in their risk of high blood pressure or high cholesterol. Both factors can lead to heart disease. The results of the study show that as soon as people start smoking cigarettes - whether regularly or only occasionally at a party - the same health problems arise.

Occasional smokers often tell the doctor that they are not smoking
Doctors and medical professionals usually routinely ask whether patients are smokers. Occasional smokers will often answer this question in the negative because they do not see themselves as smokers. This way, significant health threats can go undetected, the scientists explain. In the future, doctors should ask better when the person last used tobacco or cigarettes.

Many people put their heart health at risk from occasional smoking
High cholesterol and high blood pressure are risk factors for heart attacks and strokes. The social significance of the new study is enormous, since, for example, one in ten adults in the United States is an occasional smoker who only smokes in certain social situations, the researchers emphasize. In other words, it means that millions of people are putting their heart health at risk by smoking cigarettes occasionally. A problem that should not be ignored. (as)

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