Potatoes and bananas are important sources of energy for patients with gluten intolerance

Potatoes and bananas are important sources of energy for patients with gluten intolerance

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Nutrition tips for athletes suffering from gluten intolerance

The gluten-free diet is currently in vogue, but even if many people voluntarily opt to avoid gluten, it is necessary for people with celiac disease. The intolerance to gluten severely restricts those affected in their diet, because the glue protein is part of many grain and finished products. Athletes in particular need a lot of energy. But bread and pasta as a source of energy are out of the question for people with celiac disease. What alternatives are there for those affected? The German Celiac Society (DZG) clarifies.

According to the DZG, potatoes, rice and bananas are good sources of energy for celiac patients. Unprocessed nuts and dried fruit are also well suited for this purpose, since they are naturally gluten-free. But be careful of candied products such as roasted almonds, trail mix or nut baking mixes. It can contain gluten.

Meat, fish, eggs and milk products contain important protein

Protein is also important for athletes. There is a lot of protein in dairy products, eggs, meat and fish, but no glue. This makes these products suitable for people with celiac disease. But here, too, special care should be taken with finished products, because gluten is used as a carrier for flavors and is therefore hidden in many sauces and ready meals. Breaded meat and fish products can also contain gluten in the breading.

Be careful with voluntary waiver

Anyone who decides to voluntarily give up gluten should pay particular attention to a balanced diet, since giving up gluten carries a certain risk of malnutrition. Here the question is justified, how sensible it really is to avoid gluten. (vb)

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