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AIDS epidemic to end by 2030?

AIDS epidemic to end by 2030?

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AIDS: UN wants to end AIDS epidemic by 2030
Almost 37 million people currently live with HIV worldwide. The United Nations has now set an ambitious goal. The AIDS epidemic is to be overcome by 2030. The discrimination associated with HIV should also end by then.

End the AIDS epidemic by 2030
According to the United Nations, around 36.7 million people currently live with the AIDS virus HIV. Although 2.1 million of them were infected last year alone, the UN announced a turnaround. Among other things, 40 percent fewer HIV deaths were reported. The heads of state and government of the United Nations have now agreed on an ambitious goal: to end the AIDS epidemic by 2030. Enormous improvements are to be achieved by 2020.

Every year over two million people become infected with HIV
The number of new HIV infections is expected to drop from currently more than two million annually to less than 500,000 in just four years. In addition, by 2020, fewer than half a million people will die from AIDS or one of the concomitant diseases of AIDS every year. Last but not least, the discrimination associated with HIV is to be ended around the world. A truly ambitious plan. As the dpa news agency reports, Michel Sidibé, UNAIDS director and thus the leader of the ambitious plan, was hopeful. According to him, in 2020 the global community would only have to spend 26.2 instead of the previously estimated 30 billion US dollars in order to achieve the goals set. After this peak, the required investments would decrease steadily.

Money is not enough
However, MSF fear that Central and West Africa, which is particularly badly affected, that the funds will not be sufficient. The organization demands adequate funding from the UN in the fight against HIV and AIDS. However, it is more than just money. This would make the necessary therapies accessible to everyone affected, whether drug addicts in Russia, prostitutes in China or homosexuals in Lesotho. Treatment must be possible immediately after diagnosis of HIV. Great progress has been made in therapies in recent years. Recently, researchers reported their hopes that a new approach could make AIDS cure possible.

The fight against AIDS and HIV will continue
Initial progress has also been reported by the United Nations. The number of new infections has decreased by more than a third since 2000. In addition: "Today 17 million people are treated, which is a real success story," said Michel Sidibé. With regard to Africa, he speaks of a "turning point". For the first time, more HIV-infected people are being treated on the continent than infected. However, the difficult fight against HIV and AIDS will continue in the world's poorest villages, but also in large cities. (ad)

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