Energy kick: Ripe bananas are particularly suitable for a quick boost of energy

Energy kick: Ripe bananas are particularly suitable for a quick boost of energy

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Snack for in between: Ripe bananas give energy faster
Bananas are among the most popular types of fruit in Germany. The delicious fruit is often used in the office, in college or at school, as well as for sports. Ripe bananas are particularly suitable for a quick boost of energy.

Bananas are popular with the Germans
Most Germans love bananas. The tasty fruits are especially rich in potassium and magnesium as well as vitamin B6. It also contains other minerals, vitamins and trace elements. Since bananas contain a lot of fructose, they are particularly popular with athletes as fast energy suppliers. Ripe fruits are particularly suitable for the snack in between.

Dark yellow fruits are particularly good for the energy kick
Basically, dark yellow bananas are particularly suitable for a short energy kick at work, in college or during sports because of their high sugar content. The motto here is: the more mature, the better. "Ripe bananas contain more pure sugar," said Antje Gahl from the German Nutrition Society (DGE) in a message from the dpa news agency. This pure sugar therefore gets into the blood faster and provides energy quickly.

Softer flesh
The flesh of ripe bananas is softer, the skin rather dark yellow. As the expert further explained, less ripened bananas are more starchy. According to Gahl, starch is only broken down with increasing maturity. They also contain more complex carbohydrates and less pure sugar. Less ripe fruit tends to deliver energy more slowly than ripe bananas, but over a longer period of time.

Easily digestible fruit
Bananas are generally easy to digest, especially for ripe fruit. The fruit is therefore not only recommended as a baby food, but also for intestinal complaints. Curiously, bananas are used both for diarrhea and as a home remedy for constipation. In the latter case, however, more ripe fruit must be used because unripe bananas contain a lot of digestible starch. (ad)

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