Compensation for the body: Give in to the inner bastard

Compensation for the body: Give in to the inner bastard

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Be careful with yourself and give in to the inner bastard
Even if everyone knows that regular exercise is healthy, it is still difficult for many to never get up to it. Experts always give tips on how to tackle the inner bastard, but does it really have to be? Not always; sometimes you have to give your body a break.

Regular exercise is good for your health
Sport is healthy. Regular exercise helps, among other things, to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases such as high blood pressure or heart attack. However, it is often difficult to motivate yourself and to complete the training session. It is often not so easy to defeat the inner bastard, get up from the sofa and start the planned jogging round. But that doesn't always have to be the case.

The inner bastard is lurking everywhere
"Whether in front of the filled refrigerator or on the comfortable sofa, the inner bastard is (unfortunately) lurking everywhere," writes Ramona Clemens from the State Sports Association of North Rhine-Westphalia in its current magazine "Wir im Sport".

But you just have to give yourself up and stay on the couch. Everyone should be aware of "what the inner bastards want to signal to us?" The day was possibly really exhausting, so the body rightly demands a break and some rest.

Live in harmony with yourself
In such moments, the body rightly demands a break and some rest, which should also be granted. "Of course it is very important to exercise regularly and eat healthy," says Clemens.

“But the main goal must remain to live in harmony with yourself and to make the right decisions with heart and mind. When, where and how everyone decides for themselves. ”(Ad)

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