Homeopathy warning: a danger also for preparations in Germany?

Homeopathy warning: a danger also for preparations in Germany?

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The German Central Association of Homeopathic Doctors (DZVhÄ) is dismayed by reports from the United States that a manufacturing defect in a homeopathic drug could have resulted in death.

According to corresponding media reports in Germany, the Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices (BfArM), which is responsible for the safety of medicines in Germany, explains: “With regard to patient protection, there are further regulations in Germany that ensure that the safety of homeopathic medicines in advance is checked by the BfArM. ”

The supposedly deadly preparation from America contains u. A. Belladonna (deadly cherry). It is said to have been produced in the potency D 12. When correctly manufactured, the amount of poisonous deadly cherry in the medication is approximately 0.0000000000001 mg. With this amount of active ingredient, poisoning of patients is not possible.

It would be a mistake to deduce from a manufacturing defect that homeopathy as a therapy option is dangerous. According to data from health services research, relevant improvements occur in everyday clinical practice in patients who can be treated with homeopathy. It is similarly pronounced as in conventional medicine, but with fewer side effects.

In the United States, unlike in Germany, homeopathic medicines are not tested and approved by the drug agency. Homeopathic medicines are not subject to a pharmacy requirement and the indication of areas of application is determined by the manufacturers.

The situation in Germany and the other EU countries is completely different. - Homeopathic medicines must be registered or approved here and are also subject to quality control by the BfArM, which the DZVhÄ expressly supports.

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