Many workers return to their old jobs after a burnout

Many workers return to their old jobs after a burnout

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Work after burnout: Many return to their old jobs
Due to the increasing workload, more and more people are experiencing an exhaustion crisis that forces them to take a break. When the forces return, most want to work again. Many return to their old jobs after a burnout.

Turn professional life upside down after burnout
Stress, excessive demands, fear of existence or permanent conflicts at work: More and more people are suffering from a so-called burn-out syndrome. Actually, one should think that those who have recovered will change their professional lives and do everything differently. In fact, most of them return to their old jobs.

Constant stress and long working hours
Long-term stress and long working hours are often an enormous burden for many employees. Many feel burned out. The excessive demands often lead to exhaustion syndrome.

Such a burnout can have serious consequences and can lead to depression, an addiction or anxiety disorder, for example.

In addition, physical illnesses such as high blood pressure, tinnitus or a chronic pain syndrome can occur in the event of long-term stress.

Live and relax healthier
There is no standard therapy for burnout syndrome. Those affected are often advised to undergo psychotherapy. In exceptional cases, medication is also used.

Generally, people with a burnout are advised to live healthier lives. That means sleeping well, exercising regularly, eating a balanced diet and taking time out again and again.

Targeted relaxation is helpful, for example through yoga, autogenic training or progressive muscle relaxation.

In addition, those affected should check their own expectations, put as little pressure on themselves as possible and try to change something in their work situation. The latter obviously doesn't happen that often.

Gradual reintegration
According to a message from the dpa news agency, many return to their old jobs after a burnout. The reintegration usually starts in stages - the employees first return for a few hours or half a day and then for longer.

As reported by the journal “Psychologie heute” (April / 2017 edition), it becomes clear time and again that patients are not yet ready to return to work.

Many would notice this by imagining their energy as a battery: is it charged or in the red? According to the report, most patients would have a very good grasp of the status of their battery. (ad)

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